Asian Handicap (AH) offers various handicap odds for players to choose from in their betting options. Among them is the 1.5 Handicap, so what is the 1.5 Handicap, and how can you increase your chances of winning when placing this bet? Let's find out the most accurate answers with Wintips.
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Understanding the 1.5 Handicap
The 1.5 Handicap, also known as the 1 1/2 Handicap or the one-and-a-half goal handicap, is one of the Asian Handicap odds, which is the most attractive betting option in the current online betting market. In this form of football betting, the favorite team will give a 1.5-goal disadvantage to the underdog team before the match begins.
Characteristics of the 1.5 Handicap
The 1.5 Handicap only appears in matches with a significant difference in strength and form between the two teams.
Players don't need to worry about the winning or losing result between the two teams; they only need to know the total number of goals scored in the match.
The 1.5 Handicap only determines whether the bet wins or loses in full, not in half, unlike some other betting options.
Differences between the 1.5 Handicap and other bets
Typically, Asian Handicap bets only consider the win or lose results to determine the betting outcome without considering a draw.
However, the 1.5 Handicap takes into account the draw result when determining the final betting outcome. This also means it's more challenging to predict the result, with a winning probability of only 33.3%. Nevertheless, the higher odds offered make it popular among bettors since difficulty often attracts players.
Each type of bet has its own playing style and rules, so it's essential to understand the specific characteristics of each bet.
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Guide to reading the 1.5 Handicap accurately without adjustment
Favorite team (handicap team): The team with better playing abilities and form, as well as a higher ranking compared to the opposing team.
Underdog team (team receiving the handicap): The team with weaker playing abilities, form, and lower ranking compared to the opposing team.
If the handicap team wins with a 1-goal margin against the underdog team, the handicap team loses the bet and loses the full stake. The underdog team wins the bet and receives the full stake.
If the handicap team wins by a margin of 2 goals or more, the handicap team wins the bet and receives the full stake. The favorite team loses the bet and loses the full stake.
If the match ends in a draw, meaning no goals are scored, the handicap team loses the bet and loses the full stake, while the favorite team wins the bet and receives the full stake.
How to increase the chances of winning in betting?
Choose a reputable bookmaker
Only reputable bookmakers can meet all the essential requirements for players to have the best experience and provide the most favorable odds to their members.
Select appropriate matches
Prioritize matches that suit your strengths; only when you fully understand the betting odds can you make accurate choices.
Research information about the teams in the match
Don't overlook any information related to both teams; this is considered the key to the final betting decision.
Choose the right timing for placing bets
Selecting the right time to place bets is also an important factor in the betting result. Don't bet impulsively; instead, calculate and consider before making any decisions.
Learn and apply effective betting strategies
You can learn and apply the effective betting strategies that experts use; they are very helpful. Alternatively, you can derive them from previous playing experiences.
Allocate capital wisely
Divide your capital into small portions for long-term betting. Even if you lose one bet, you can still recover in subsequent bets. Avoid taking big risks on a single bet; be wise and success will be within your reach.
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Have the above information clarified what the 1.5 Handicap is? I'm confident that when you consult and apply our suggestions, victory will no longer be elusive and will be within your reach. To increase the chances of winning, simply follow the instructions in this article. Knowledge is never useless; with effort, you'll reap rewards. Good luck to all of you.